Winemaking is not an industrial process.

A big part of making wine is farming, wine is made in the vineyard and for this reason, every vintage is different and unique. The variation of temperature and weather pattern combined with the soil qualities what the French call Terroir.

At Château Gaby We DO NOT USE ANY:

1. Potassium Sorbate & Potassium Metabisulfite 2.Calcium Carbonate 3.Sulfur Dioxide 4.Sugar 5. Grape Juice Concentrate (Mega Purple, Ultra red, Red #40) 6.Water 7.Flavors 8.Powdered Tannins 9.Yeast. 10. Non-Vegan Materials (fish bladders, egg whites, bentonite clay, mammal proteins and plastics) Acetaldehyde - Inhibits microbial growth and stabilizes the color of wine • Activated Charcoal • Aluminum Silicates (bentonite or kaolin) • Ammonium Phosphate • Ascorbic Acid.

Our winemaking is all natural. This holiday taste how good a true Organic Bordeaux wine can be.